2048 Cupcakes

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2048 Cupcakes

2048 Cupcakes is a modified version of the 2048 Game which was a viral hit in early 2014. 2048 Game (created by Gabriele Cirulli) uses numbers as the grid value. On the other hand, 2048 Cupcakes uses cute images of cupcakes.

The game is highly addicting and known as a perfect time killer. Though some may find the game a bit confusing, it is quite easy to play.

How to play the game?

If you played the original version of the 2048 Game before, it would be easier for you to master. Don't worry, even if you didn't play the original one. There are tons of tutorials online to assist you to play the game.

The game has a 4x4 grid in which there are 16 positions to place different cupcakes. You can move the Cupcakes by pressing the arrow keys from your keyboard. If you are playing on a touch screen device, swipe to: left, right, up and down.

As you move the cupcakes, the identical Cupcakes on their path will merge into a new Cupcake. As soon as two identical Cupcakes get merged, the score updates with the sum of the calories of the Cupcakes.

Here is the list of the cupcakes along with the calories they contain.

Vanilla Birthday

Vanilla Birthday (200 Kcal)

Bubblegum Pink

Bubblegum Pink (250 Kcal)

Sunshine Vanilla

Sunshine Vanilla (320 Kcal)

Valrhona Blond Ganache

Valrhona Blond Ganache (400 Kcal)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake (500 Kcal)

Chocolate Mint Fudge

Chocolate Mint Fudge (650 Kcal)

Chocolate Spider Web

Chocolate Spider Web (820 Kcal)

Toasted Marshmallow

Toasted Marshmallow (1000 Kcal)

Cookies And Cream

Cookies And Cream (1200 Kcal)

Chocolate Sundae

Chocolate Sundae (1500 Kcal)

White Chocolate Peppermint

White Chocolate Peppermint (2000 Kcal)

Confetti Vanilla

Confetti Vanilla (3000 Kcal)


Rainbow (5000 Kcal)

Scoring Methodology

The cupcakes that are available in this game have a fixed number of calories. For example, a Vanilla Birthday and a Bubblegum Pink cupcake have 200 Kcal and 250 Kcal of energy respectively.

You will get 400 Kcal of energy in your scoreboard if you combine two Vanilla Birthday cupcake to produce a Bubblegum Pink cupcake. Similarly, if you manage to merge two Bubblegum Pink cupcakes, you'll get 500 Kcal of energy.

The process will go on until the Rainbow cupcake (5000 Kcal) appears. If you can make it to the Rainbow Cupcake, you win the game.

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